Get on Track with Knife River Prestress

Knife River Prestress operations are currently supplying bridge products to a number of Northwest Rail Companies and we have already responded to several competitive Class 1 Rail Company bid requests.

Today, our parent company, Knife River Corporation, allows us to tap into the collective expertise of more than 60 companies nationwide, operating in 17 states in the central, western, and southern United States, including Alaska and
Hawaii. Knife River Prestress primary facility is located in Harrisburg, Oregon.

In addition to Prestress products, Knife River operates a number of other business
lines relevant to railroad bridges, including aggregates, ready-mix concrete,
construction, asphalt, and asphalt based petroleum products.

We are an award-winning leader in the industry, offering a wide variety of precast/prestressed concrete components for long and short span highway and rail bridges. Our largest ultimate customer is the State of Oregon Department
of Transportation, with annual sales in excess of $16 million per year over the past 4 years. These bridge products are typically sold through a variety of general contractors rather than directly to the State. Our aggregates division is also in negotiation for long-term contracts to provide ballast rock construction services, and emergency services to a Class 1 Railroad.

Knife River is uniquely equipped to grow its capabilities throughout the western United States. Along with quarries totaling 1.5 Billion in aggregate reserves, and ready mix operations in many western states, we have an abundance
of suitable land and existing infrastructure to locate operations where they might best suit both Standard and High Speed Rail growth requirements.

Knife River Prestress can supply a large quantity of precast/prestressed products, including prestressed girders, precast wingwalls, end abutments and cap beams as well as other products used by Rail Companies. Knife River also owns a siding to BNSF with the Portland and Western operating most of the traffic. The siding number is BN68507 and then there is a West Side #2911 and an East side #2912. We have approval with P&W and BNSF to bring rail cars directly onto our siding. We also have a UP siding just a few hundred yards away where we have access to, and can load product onto cars.

Our Harrisburg Facility is manned 24 hours per day and can provide service around the clock if requested. Our primary shipping hours are Monday through Saturday from 5:00AM to 5:00PM with additional extended hours available to accommodate customer requirements upon request.